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As a food critic, professional meal planner, and co-author of four vegetarian cookbooks, I can help you achieve your ideal weight and create a success plan for healthy ways to eat well, live well, and be well.
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Whether you are a food artisan, a professional chef, or a “foodie” who loves to try new things, for the best in seasonal and gourmet healthy meals try these innovative and proven cookbooks!

These first edition books are now collector items. Please call for information on prices.


The Political Palate

This is the first volume of three exciting vintage vegetarian cookbooks. Organized by the seasons this first volume represents gourmet vegetarian food at it’s best. Delicious recipes for savory soups, classic breads, and quick breakfasts, plus much more!

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to order this book.



The Second Seasonal Political Palate

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This second volume has a unique selection of diverse and seasonal recipes with a special emphasis on soy foods including miso, tempeh, and tofu. Learn the secret of how to transform these foods into delicious gourmet meals!





The Perennial Political Palate

Please call 978-806-7966 to order this book.

This third volume is full of healthy, mouth watering, easy to make vegan and vegetarian recipes. Dairy free yummy cakes and desert recipes as well as ethnically diverse, seasonally based, and fun-to-make recipes for a quick lunch or gourmet dinner.


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