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As a food critic, professional meal planner, and co-author of four vegetarian cookbooks, I can help you achieve your ideal weight and create a success plan for healthy ways to eat well, live well, and be well.
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''I have to admit, having read all that Betsey Beaven had accomplished, inspired and created, I was rather leery/intimidated at the prospect of working with Ms. Beaven. I am not anywhere near being a vegetarian( ask my family) and even further from being vegan... I think Meatatarian would be my official title... but .....
I could not have been more wrong about Betsey and the unbelieveable food and passion she brought to our school. She was the most welcoming, understated, thoughtful, intelligent, creative person I have worked with or met in years.
Her knowledge of mushrooms, herbs and vegetables and her ability to convey it in an engaging manner was a joy to watch.
Again, her passion at seeing the final product plated, tasting a recipe she has done dozens of times in the past, talking on a topic she has extensive knowledge of, is inspiring.

Her cookbooks are a must. ''

Richard Buckley

Assistant Director of Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School
York, Maine

Read what other participants of Betsey's Stonewall Kitchen's class had to say..

''Betsey knew alot about food and explained everything very well.''

''I loved this class! I learned a ton about herbs. I would give this class a 10.
I learned so much today.''

''This class was wonderful. I loeved the tie in between the emal and how herbs can postively affect our health. I would definately make everything...''

''I liked the simplicity of the recipes-the taste factor was a 10 plus.''

''She was great-very well spoken and brought in her own experience and practial meals.''

''Informative. I tried new herbs and they were delicious. Betsey was very interesting'.'

''One of the most enjoyable Sundays I've spent in a long time. Definately worth the 2 hour drive from Massachusetts.''

''Wonderful presentation, info and creativity. It shows what is possible for me. I love fresh cooking and all healthy cooking too.''

''Betsey is a wonderful presenter-very clear, engaging and so enthusiastic.''


''My consult with Betsey far exceeded all my expectations! Using the brief survey she tailored delicious healthy recipes to my favorite foods and lifestyle. I enjoy making all the quick and easy recipes that support my healthy eating.''

Professor Debbie Nightingale
MIT, Boston, MA

"The nutritional consultation I had with Betsey Beaven changed my life. After a few months of putting her suggestions into practice, this is my epiphany: good food is an important loving, bonding tool which results in reinforcing existing or forging new relationships. Incredible. Who knew? "
Jayan Marie Landry, MS, APRN, CEO/Executive Director
Trauma Intervention program of Merrimack Valley, Inc
Andover, MA
"Organic gourmet cooking on a budget? Impossible? No! Ask Betsey how!
You will learn the quick easy ways to feed your family healthy meals, without breaking the bank!"
Heather Hess
Chapter Leader, Holistic Moms Network North Shore
''Thank you for an absolutley amazing dinner with HMN.The dinner was spectacular and the food was delicious. To quote someone at my table,
''You satisfied every taste bud!'' I love eating new foods but you inspired me to prepare some new meals too. And you made it easy with the recipes & simple way you taught us how. Thank you again for inspiring me in the kitchen & a delcious meal.''
Dr. Shayla Caron
Member Holistic Moms Network North Shore
North Andover, MA 



''Thank you for the wonderful meal you cooked for us. It was simple and full of nutritious ingredients. It tasted and looked delicious. I also loved how it embraced different cultures within the dish and I enjoyed listening to the anecdotes and stores you told about the food. It was scrumptious, informative, and a relaxing night away from it all! Again, thank you for making the world a better place and bringing awareness of how food is, on many levels. so important for us.''


Sabine Vermeulin, Member Holistic Moms Network Northshore,North Reading, MA



'' The meal you prepared was truly an inppiration and awoke my love for cooking. It was a joy that I left behind when I became a mom due to lack of time, ability to concentrate, and a budget. Your blessing as a chef extends beyond the kitchen!''
Alicia Avant
Member Holistic Moms Network Northshore
Burlington, MA



“A consult with Betsey has made all the difference in the world to help me focus on healthy delicious food for my whole family. As a business woman and busy mom to two small boys her consult easily explained how to shop and cook foods that are healthy, quick and yummy! The recipes are simple but packed with flavor. A consult with Betsey is well worth your time and your health!''

Judy Brezner
Owner Andover Massage Therapy
Andover, MA


"As a Dad who loves to cook and wants to feed my family only the best organic food available, consulting with Betsey was a great way to improve my repertoire of healthy choices. With a full time job there's little time to plan the meals everyday. Betsey's food tips provided me an opportunity to serve some quick, tasty meals that impressed my family and friends."

Paul Davison
Boxford, MA


''As a busy mom and business owner, I value the helpful suggestions Betsey Beaven gave me on how to better plan my food menu and save me time. She gave me delicious, quick, and easy recipes which were designed to meet the challenging health needs of my family. I highly recommend a consult with her. ''

Daniela Daccord, Founder of Le Pain Daniela, North Andover, MA



"I have collaborated with Betsey Beaven on three occasions; preparing selections from her fine cookbooks for presentation at a wine tasting, a photo shoot for Merrimack Valley Magazine, and a holiday fair where shoppers were so impressed with the food from her recipes that they purchased gift certificates for my chef service on the spot.

Betsey has been a thoughtful, enthusiastic, and creative consultant; always with new ideas to help me develop my business."

Sharon Sindledecker
The Traveling Chef
Dracut, MA



"Thank you for speaking at our Healthy Living program at the Senior Center. You are well informed on nutrition, food preparation, and have an easy way of presenting exciting and innovative recipes. You are an excellent cook and everyone enjoyed the delicious meal you prepared for us. Our group learned so much about healthy eating and we are ready to try new foods we have never experienced. I encourage other seniors to learn about your valuable work."

Donna Delaney
Outreach Coordinator
North Andover Counsil on Aging
North Andover, MA



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